The Advantage of Artificial Grass

An average lawn uses more than 90 gallons of water every day.

In this era of constant change and water conservation, we need to do our part in conserving for whatever is next. Some people might even go so far as to say that if you conserve at your house you will have more water to ski on, lakes to fish in and time not wasted mowing. The spare time you're looking for is now here, so go and play some golf.

Conserve Water

An average lawn uses more than 90 gallons of water every day.

Cities are offering credits and rebates associated with converting grass to desert landscaping as an incentive for consumers to conserve water, but who really wants to look out their front door and see rocks?

Synthetic grass never needs any water to stay green which helps with the water conservation movement.

Conservation is becoming more and more important, especially in dry states and the more populated ones. This is why it is important to get artificial grass installed in your outdoor environment. We as a nation are becoming more aware of conserving resources; Backyard Greens is your answer to conserving a valuable resource and saving you money.

No need to water artificial grass for it to grow, it constantly stays green and vibrant for 10-15 years. The trend to landscaping is exponentially shifting towards eco-friendly water conscious designs. Natural grass uses a lot of water and fertilizers and leaves are a significant carbon footprint. Artificial turf does not use any water so it is a great savings alternative and it requires little to no maintenance.

Low Maintenance

Put your lawn mower, weed eater, trimmers and every other yard tool away. When you have synthetic turf installed by Backyard Greens you enjoy the look and feel of perfectly manicured grass with virtually no maintenance.

To keep your synthetic grass in good condition we suggest you keep it clear of debris that could become embedded in the turf over time. Sweep debris from your grass with a leaf blower, or a common rough surface push broom, a few times each year and enjoy.


Artificial turf grass maintains its green, healthy appearance despite weather conditions. The sun doesn't fade or dry it, and it won't lose its color from wear and tear. The look of the artificial turf grass can even be customized to a shade that you prefer or a blend of several shades so it has a more natural appearance.

Lawns made of artificial turf grass require little to no maintenance. They don't need fertilizer to maintain their healthy, attractive appearance, and they never need to be mowed.

In areas where water supplies are limited, artificial turf grass has gained in popularity because it does not require any watering. Homeowners with artificial turf grass lawns generally save on water bills as well as conserve water for their community.

Artificial turf grass does not require any pesticides, so there are no health risks associated with those chemicals. Artificial turf does not attract insects or other unwanted pests to your lawn.