Safe Play

No sport can ever be completely free from injury; Backyard Greens along with our top-of-the-line manufacture continue to look for new ways to reduce the risk and severity of injuries. We have the best products and experience to help you provide the safest playing field possible for your athletes.

Testing has shown that synthetic turf sport fields are safer than any other system, equal to, if not better than natural grass in most critical areas of player safety.

An independent, three-year study of competitive college football showed that when compared to natural grass, the synthetic turf system leads to:

Conserve Water

An average lawn uses more than 90 gallons of water every day and the average football field uses nearly 1500 gallons every time it waters.

Even with all that water the surface is of uneven hardness and patchy depending on the amount of use. Also, with the repetitive use, no amount of water can get grass to grow and patches of hard dirt are extremely unsafe.

Synthetic grass never needs any water to stay green which helps with the water conservation movement.

No need to water artificial grass for it to grow while damaging expensive playground equipment, it constantly stays green and vibrant for 10-15 years. The trend to landscaping is exponentially shifting towards eco-friendly water conscious designs.

Natural grass uses a lot of water and fertilizers and leaves are a significant carbon footprint. Artificial turf does not use any water so it is a great savings alternative and it requires little to no maintenance.


With more than 5,500 synthetic turf fields currently in use, millions of students have the opportunity to practice and play on a sports field that can always be counted upon. Seamlessly, schools and municipalities can rotate from Football to Soccer to Lacrosse and any other use that they may need without ever having to paint lines or do anything. For your project please consider the following benefits: