We're specialists in backyard putting greens, synthetic turf and recreational lawn systems.

Backyard Greens quality bent grass golf greens are an extensive process (not a product) that mimics the playability of real golf course golf greens.

Each green begins with a multi-layer proprietary sub-base for superior stability. With the help of a laser level, the vertical and horizontal drainage system is designed to perfection.

We cover our base systems with "Sof-Step" pad which makes for the finest ball check and spin in the industry, then apply only the finest U.S. made putting greens materials and apply a top dressing mixture of silica sands for consistent ball response. This care ensures the most realistic check and ball spin in the industry.

Improve Property Value

A Backyard Greens grass system is an investment in your property because it is a one-of-a-kind feature that sets it apart from other homes that do not have this attraction.

We can design and install your personalized Backyard Green, complete with tee box, fringe, cups, and flags.

It is always the center of attention when entertaining guests because it naturally draws guests to take a few shots around the green. Most importantly, it will bring years of care-free enjoyment.

Low Maintenance

Put your lawn mover, weed eater, trimmers and every other yard tool away. When you own a Backyard Green you enjoy the truth that your new investment requires virtually no maintenance to own.

To keep your synthetic green in good condition and performing consistently, we suggest you keep it clear of debris that could become embedded in the turf over time.

Sweep debris from your Green with a leaf blower or by hand a few times each year. Other than that, enjoy your Backyard Green for life.

Improve Your Game

You will have an unfair advantage every time you compete with your friends because as everyone knows the key to better golf is repetition.

If practicing at the course require too much of your time, why not hop on the course in your own backyard!

Every stroke you take, every chip, pitch or putt you master can be traced back to the fact that you own the best training facility available. No more excuses, it's time to enjoy better golf.

Conserve Water

An average lawn can soak up more than 90 gallons of water every day. This is why so many cities offer incentives to residents who convert real grass lawns into low water use landscapes, but if you're not in the mood to look out your front door and see just a rock landscape, let us offer you the perfect alternative.

Backyard Greens' newest synthetic grass landscaping never needs any water to stay green. You'll get the look of a natural, manicured lawn with the advantages of complying with your community's water conservation efforts.

Conservation is becoming more and more important, especially in dry states and more populated areas.

No need to water artificial grass for it to grow, it simply stays green and vibrant on its own. The trend to landscaping is trending towards eco-friendly water conscious designs. Natural grass uses a lot of water and fertilizers and leaves a significant carbon footprint. Artificial turf uses no water so it will always be eco-friendly, beautiful, worry free and low maintenance.